FAQs about TN Visas Answered by Our Immigration Law Firm in Houston, TX

TN is an immigrant status that allows Canadian and Mexican nationals to work in the United States. It was established as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. TN visa holders who work for a Canadian or Mexican company can also work in the United States, provided that those companies are working on projects with US-based companies.

Your immigration law firm in Houston, TX, receives many questions regarding TN visas. This page will serve to answer some of the most common questions related to this visa category.

How Long Can a TN Status Holder Work in the United States?

The initial TN visa is valid for one year for Mexican nationals or three years for Canadian nationals. Foreign nationals who have TN status may renew every three years, and they can also renew it indefinitely.

What Are the Basic Requirements for Obtaining This Visa?

In order to apply for a TN visa, applicants must be considered as a qualifying professional. According to US immigration law, a professional must possess at minimum a Bachelor’s degree. Another requirement is that an applicant must intend to leave the United States upon the expiration of their TN status. That means if a Canadian or Mexican national who applies for permanent residency (through Form I-485) will have difficulty in renewing their TN visa.

Do Different Categorizations of TN Status Exist?

Yes. Canadian nationals may apply for a TN-1 visa. Mexican nationals may apply for the TN-2 visa. The dependent of a TN-1 or TN-2 visa holder should apply for a TD visa if they wish to live with them.

What Should I Do If I Want to Apply for TN?

Canadian nationals do not need to apply for a visa in order to obtain TN status. They can apply for TN-1 at the US-Canadian border. They only need to supply the necessary evidence and documents with the officer in charge. Approved applicants will receive an I-94.

Mexican nationals must first obtain a TN-2 visa through the US consulate in order to enter the country. Afterward, they may apply for the TN status when they arrive at the border.

Considering the nuance involved with TN status amongst Canadian and Mexican nationals, it is important to work with an immigration law firm should any questions or concerns arise. An experienced immigration lawyer can assist you in the application process.