10 Things You Need to Know About Employment Authorization Document

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An Employment Authorization Document is referred to as form I-765. It is usually a legal permit that grants the document holder to work in the country. They are given to non-green card holders and non-U.S. citizens. Though these documents explore, they can be extended when they are close to their expiration date. Here is information on an Employment Authorization Document:

1. Qualifications to file for the employment authorization

To qualify for filling of an employment authorization, you must have the authorization to work in the United States owing to your immigration status and need to provide evidence of your employment authorization. Or else, you could apply for the employment authorization because you are required to apply. On the other hand, you should not seek for employment authorization if you are lawfully a permanent residence because your green card is evidence enough you have an employment authorization. Also, if you are in possession of a non-migrant visa that authorizes you to work for a specific worker, you should not apply for an EAD (Employment Authorization Document). Examples of non-immigrant visas include H-1B, L-1B, P Visa.

2. Requirements for Application

There are specific requirements needed while applying for Employment Authorization and they include:

Payment of the required fee which gets exempted if the applicant is in the country for asylum, A copy of the I-94, your arrival and departure record, A Government issued ID and two passport size photos. These should be the case to all family members if any. If the individual had been granted with an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) previously, they should submit a copy of their previous EAD together with the documents listed above.

3. The EAD Application Process

 The application process may be by mail or electronically. It may also be carried out in paper form; the form should be submitted in its completed form.The application process is carried out by USCIS. For the process to continue, form I-765 and all the requirements must have been submitted to USCIS. You may also be asked to provide more evidence for your form I-765,and this may cause a delay in the process. Some application process may also require an approved status application before issuance of the form I-765 failure to which you cannot be awarded your form I-765.

4. Waiting Period

 After about ten days of submitting your application form,the applicant receives a receipt from USCIS verifying that the fees forms are being processed. The application is approved after about 90 days after submission. If the renewal period takes longer than it is supposed to, applicants are advised to provide their application receipt notice given after filling their renewal request so that they are issued with interim cards.

5. A Bio-Metrics Appointment

During the appointment, the applicant unique physical and other traits are detected and recorded as a means of identity confirmation. The notice of the appointment arrives as an Application Support Center Appointment Notice. The notice is inclusive of the date, time and location for your bio metrics appointment. A Biometrics Appointment is still a part of the Application Process.

6. Eligibility Period

Employment Authorization Documents have an eligibility period of two years after which they should be renewed. At times, the documents have a validity period of one year but the validity period can be extended after its expiration. Failure to renew the authorization document, the immigrant, is assumed to be working in the country illegally.

7. Renewal of the Authorization Document

For renewal, form I-765 must be filled either online or in paper form by the applicant. For renewal, the applicant has to provide a copy of the previous work permit issued and form I-797, the approval of the current permit issued by USCIS and copies of their renewal applications. If they already have filed for adjustment of status, copies of receipts showing pending permanent residency should be submitted. Alongside those documents, they should include two passport size photographs and a recommended filing fee. Filling for renewal should be done 180 days before the expiration date written on the card issued. The renewal application request must be submitted to USCIS before the expiration date. Only those forms that are filled out accurately and completely will get consideration from USCIS. For complete filling of the form, applicants are advised to file the forms online because it helps them also avoid mistakes.

8. Replacement of the EAD

Replacement is done if the card gets lost, stolen or destroyed. It is done by a new filing form I-756 together with a filing fee unless a fee waiver is approved or requested. If the EAD mailed by USCIS is not received, the applicant submits an inquiry concerning the non-delivery of a card.

9. Errors on the Card

An error in many cases is usually incorrect information about the applicant. For correction to take place, the applicant has to submit a new form I-765, the required filing fee, documents specified in the form instructions and the card containing the error.

10. Benefits of EAD

While in possession of an EAD (Employment Authorization Document), you can switch from one job to another without worrying about H-1B transfers. An H-1B is a type of an employment-based given to non-immigrant temporary workers. The applicant also has a privilege of having multiple jobs aside from that which brought them to the country.

In summary, dependents of international organizations, foreign governments and NATO personnel’s do not pay a  replacement fee for an (Employment Authorization Document) EAD.