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Employment Based Visas in Houston

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With immigration laws changing rapidly, our Houston business immigration attorney at Toppins Law firm, P.C. is not afraid to take on complicated or difficult employment based immigration cases. Applying for an employment based visa can be challenging, but with our experience and skill, stress and hassle can be avoided.

We help our clients to apply for and obtain employment based visas from one of five categories:

  • H-1B Specialty Occupations:
    This non-immigrant visa allows companies to hire workers in specialty occupations for up to six years. The foreign worker must have a Bachelor’s degree and is able to apply for a green card while in the U.S.
  • O-1 Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement:
    The O-1A visa is for individuals with an extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, or athletics who are coming to the United States temporarily in order to work in their intended field.
  • TN NAFTA Professional:
    The Trade National Visa requires that the person applying for the visa works in one of the professions named in the NAFTA agreement and that he or she has a job offer from a company in the United States.
  • L-1A Intercompany Transferee Executive or Manager:
    The L-1A visa allows a U.S. based employer to transfer an executive employee or manager from an affiliated foreign office to an office in the United States.
  • L-1B Intercompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge:
    The L-1B visa permits a U.S. employer to transfer an employee with specialized knowledge relating to the organization’s interests to one of its offices in the United States.

We help our visa applicant clients throughout the entire visa process of obtaining a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor. This includes filing the requested petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and gathering and submitting all required documents to present to the National Visa Center.

By meeting deadlines and thoroughly preparing all documents in order to avoid errors, we are able to make the visa application process as seamless as possible.

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Wilka Toppins

Principal Attorney

Backed by 25 years of legal experience, our founder and principal attorney, Wilka Toppins, Esq., brings a wealth of practical business and legal experience to the firm’s clients. Ms. Toppins is a cum laude graduate of Tulane Law School , 1990 and has worked at Exxon, SBC Communications and Macy’s.

Ms.Toppins is fluent in English and Spanish.

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