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Helping Your Employees with L-1 Visas

If you are an international company with offices both in the United States and abroad, you may need to bring one of your workers into the country for an extended of period of time to work. When this is the case, you may be able to sponsor your employee in the application for an L-1 visa. These are a non-immigrant visa with a shorter length of stay (ranging between three months and five years) which allow workers and their families to come to the United States and work without restrictions.

Due to the complex nature of the visa application process, it is strongly advised that you seek the counsel of an experienced Houston business immigration lawyer for your exact needs. At the Toppins Law Firm, P.C., our team has successfully aided numerous businesses with their immigration needs, making the application process simpler with considerable experience and a keen eye for detail. We can even assist your business with applying for Blanket L-1 visas, allowing you to bring employees in easier.

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Eligibility for an L-1 Visa

In order to be eligible for an L-1 Visa, both your business and employee must meet several specific criteria. Applications can be rejected if either party does not fit the qualification requirements.

In order to be eligible to sponsor an employee for an L-1 visa, a business must:

  • Have offices both in the United States and abroad
  • Have a parent-subsidiary, branch-headquarters, affiliate, or sister company relationship with the employer abroad

Employers without an office in the United States may be eligible to send an employee into the United States to help establish one under an L-1 visa as well. In order to be eligible to receive an L-1 visa, and employee must have worked for the company sponsoring them for at least one continuous year within the three years prior to the application.

Spouses and children under the age of 21 of applicants are also eligible to receive L-2 immigration visas automatically, and spouses are able to apply for work without restrictions. However, it is still advised that spouses obtain an Employment Authorization Document for tax purposes.

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