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Houston P-1B Visa Lawyer

Helping Entertainers Secure Visas

If you manage an entertainment group of international renown that plans to perform in the United States, you will need to secure the necessary visas. Our Houston P-1B visa attorney can help you determine if this is the correct visa for your needs and help you complete the application process quickly and properly. The Toppins Law Firm, P.C. has helped people with their immigration needs for over 25 years. Let us bring our experience to your aide. Call (713) 574-2299 today!

How Do I Know If the P-1B Visa Is Right for Me?

To be approved for the P-1B visa, at least 75% of the group’s members must be able to prove that they have been a part of the group for at least one year. In addition, your group must be internationally recognized. The reputation of the group is extremely important.

The Petition & Application Process

Obtaining P-1B visas for an entertainment group involves a lot of paperwork. Before you can apply, you must complete a petition. The U.S. employ must submit Form I-129, Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker, along with the following documents:

  • Written consultation from an appropriate labor organization
  • Itinerary with the dates and locations of performances
  • A copy of the contract
  • Evidence that proves your entertainment group has been performing regularly for at least one year
  • Statement detailing how long each person has been a member of the group

In addition, you must prove that your group has international recognition. This fame can be proved if you were nominated or won an award for outstanding achievement in the field. If you do not meet that criteria, you must supply evidence of at least three of the following:

  • Your group has or will perform at the leading entertainment group in a distinguished production
  • Reviews in major newspapers or other published material support your group’s international acclaim
  • Your group has performed and will perform services as a leading or starring group for organizations and establishments
  • Ratings or sales that indicate major commercial or critical acclaim
  • Recognition from experts in your field
  • Your group has or will receive substantial compensation for its services

You will need the help of a skilled Houston P-1B visa attorney to ensure your petition is accurate. Once your petition has been approved, you are able to apply for the visa at any U.S. Embassy.

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Backed by 25 years of legal experience, our founder and principal attorney, Wilka Toppins, Esq., brings a wealth of practical business and legal experience to the firm’s clients. Ms. Toppins is a cum laude graduate of Tulane Law School , 1990 and has worked at Exxon, SBC Communications and Macy’s.

Ms.Toppins is fluent in English and Spanish.

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