Business Visa Immigration- Frequently Asked Questions

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Business Visa Immigration- Frequently Asked Questions

The business visa is a non-immigrant visa to the US. It is also referred to as the B-1 visa. Those who are eligible for this visa include those who would want to travel to the US for a short duration for business-related purposes. The person should not go to the US to seek for actual labor work and should not seek payment from any US source during their visit.

A business visa can be applied if you are planning to attend business related activities in the US such as a conference, a business meeting, a business-related training among other business related activities. You should apply for the visa not later than 60 days before your travel date. However, if the nature of your business is scientific, the visa should be applied 90 days before your travel date. We advise that you wait until you receive your visa before purchasing your air tickets. Below are some of the questions that most people who are applying for a B-1 visa ask

  • Who are eligible for a business visa?

Those qualified for a business visa are those who want to visit the US to supervise or train others engaging in labor work. Those who wish to attend a business-related event such as a conference or a meeting are also eligible for the visa. However, anyone who wants to go to the US to perform labor work such as construction or building work is not eligible for the visa.

  • What are the limitations of the B-1 visa?

The visa limits the holder from seeking employment in the US. Additionally, you are not allowed to start studying in the US once you get a business visa.

  • What are the privileges of the business visa?

The visa gives you the privilege to attend training in the short term or even attend a company course during the visit so long as the firm from your home country is willing to meet your expenses.

  • What duration can I stay in the US if I have a business visa?

Depending on the purposes of your visit, the visa allows you to stay in the US for six months to one year.

  • Can I apply for an extension of my business visa?

One can be given an extension of the temporary visit of not more than six months. However, applicants who seek the visa to do missionary work from a religious denomination are entitled to extensions of not more than a year provided their work does not involve receiving of donations, soliciting for funds, or selling of articles.

  • What process do I follow to apply for the B-1 visa extension?

To seek for an extension, you will have to fill form 1-539 where you seek an extension to stay or change your status.

  • I had applied for a B-1 visa before. However, it was rejected, can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply for the business visa even if your previous visa was denied.

The B-1 Visa Sample Interview Questions

Once you apply for your business visa, you will be required to appear for a visa interview. The interview questions will be based on the nature of your stay, duration of your stay, and your personal details among other factors. Some of the sample questions you will be asked during the interview include the following

  • What is the purpose of your travel to the US?

You will be asked this question along with other questions such as how long you plan to stay in the US, whether you will be extending your stay duration in the US. The interviewer will ask such questions to get to know the purpose of your visit to the US and whether you are going due to a business-related reason or not.

  • How much do you earn in your home country?

Other related questions to this question that you should expect include if you intend to return to your home country, what job you have in your home country, do you have enough funds in your bank account to cover your expenses in the US. These questions are meant to validate your ties to your home country. A well-paying job, fixed assets in your home country, parents, a spouse or children who are staying in your home country are just a few things that show you have ties in your home country and you are likely to want to return after the business-related trip in the US.

  • Have you been to the US before?

Other questions related to this question might include if you have relatives in the US, where you will be staying in the US, what part of the US you will be visiting. Such questions are meant to determine if you have strong ties in the US and if you intend on staying there after the visa duration is over. The B-1 visa requires non-immigrant intent, which means the applicant, should have an intent to be in the US temporary. Any strong ties in the US might mean that you plan to stay in the US for longer than the visa duration.

The B-1 visa interview is usually very short and usually takes at most five minutes. However, the few minutes can determine if you get your visa or not. It is best to contact an attorney who can help you get your visa without any hitches. We have experienced attorneys who will assist you with your business visa application. The lawyers are also always ready to answer any question you might have about the process.