Can I be a green card sponsor?

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The Green Card is one of the most popular and sought-after immigration statuses in our country. It allows a non-citizen to establish permanent residence in the US, begin building a new life, and even start their path towards citizenship. However, to receive Green Card status, a non-citizen must first be sponsored by someone already in the US.

From family members to employers, many wonder about their eligibility to be a sponsor in the Green Card process. According to federal law, there are numerous parties who can act in this sponsorship capacity.

The following individuals can possibly serve as a Green Card sponsor:
  • A US citizen who is an immediate relative of the non-citizen. That means the non-citizen can be a spouse, unmarried children under 21, parents of sponsoring children who are over 21.
  • A US citizen who wants to sponsor other “preferred” family members. This means the non-citizen can be a married child of any age or a sibling of a current US citizen, or another relative that isn’t considered “immediate.”
  • A current Green Card holder. If you are already residing in the US with Green Card status, it is possible to sponsor a family member who also wishes to establish permanent residence.
  • If you are an employer who has offered a non-citizen a job.

These are just the most common avenues towards receiving a Green Card status through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are also options for those fulfilling certain jobs (like translators and religious workers), those who are refugees or asylees, those looking to invest in US enterprises, and those capable through self-sponsorship.

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