Complying with Your Own Privacy Policies in the Digital Age

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Unless you are reading this article as a print out or in the public library, your business is in the digital age. Every document and contract you create, from employment contracts to complex business litigation agreements, is first drafted on a computer, no doubt, and all your records are digitized as well. Despite all of the incredible benefits of the digital age, it has also ushered in new and largely inescapable problems for business owners. Namely, it is more difficult than ever to comply with your own business’s privacy policy.

You’re Responsible for Clientele Information

From international corporations to mom-and-pop shops, essentially all businesses have some sort of sensitive and confidential digital information on hand. It might be credit card information of shoppers, a merger and acquisitions deal in the works, unique trade secrets, and so on. No matter what that data entails, it is subject to digital theft.

While it is going to be a big problem to lose any of your company’s confidential information to a third party, the worst data breaches are actually those that involve data that isn’t yours. If a hacker steals your client list and gains addresses, phone numbers, etc., you might be the one held financially accountable for any damages that result. You may recall recent news stories about big businesses – Target Corp. being one of the most noteworthy – being dragged to court in class actions after data leaks jeopardized the credit lines of consumers. Do not let this happen to your company or business.

The Best Digital Lock You Can Find

It used to be that you could just lock the door to your business and feel pretty confident that all the secrets within were safe. In today’s digital age, you need a serious digital lock in place as well. There are a few companies that will encrypt and protect your most sensitive information automatically for your business each time you interact with a customer or update a client’s information. It might be worth looking into your options.

You should also prepare for the unexpected and worst case scenarios by getting your legal paperwork in order ahead of time, just in case. Call (713) 574-2299 to talk to our Houston business attorneys at Toppins Law Firm, P.C. about what you can do to both help protect client information and protect yourself personally from any liability in case there is a data leak. We have more than 40+ years of total legal experience, backed by a history of appreciative client testimonials. Request your case evaluation today.