Different Types of US Investor Visas

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In a bid to boost the country’s economy, the United States government grants visas to foreign investors looking to invest substantial amounts of capital in the U.S. By investing in the United States, these foreigners create job opportunities for citizens of the United States and also pay taxes to the government.

In exchange for investing in the United States, the foreign investors are granted permission to legally live and work in the United States. They are also allowed to bring their families along to live, school and even work in the country.

The USA offers two types of Investor visas for foreign investors looking to gain residency- the E2 Visa and the EB-5 Investor Visa. Here is a closer look at what the two entail and the qualifications for the two types of visas;

EB5 Investor Visa

The EB5 investor visa grants permanent U.S residency to any foreign investor who invests a substantial amount into government approved projects across the U.S.A. For an individual to qualify for this visa, he or she needs to make an investment of not less than $1 million or $500,000 depending on the area where they intend to invest. The amount is normally reduced to $500,000 if the individual agrees to invest in a Targeted Employment Area which has low employment and development rate.

The investor needs to understand that the investment made is not a guarantee and it must create at least 10 jobs to U.S citizens. The applicant is in turn can live and work anywhere in the USA, bring with them family members and must be physically present in the United States for at least 6 months a year. The applicant is eligible to get a green card after maintaining his/her status for two years.

Foreign investors looking to get the EB5 visa, can choose to personally invest in a business venture in the U.S or do so through EB5 Regional Centers. Instead of individually looking to venture into a business, a foreign investor buys tokens or equities from a Regional Center. The tokens or equities bought must be more than or equivalent to $1 million or $500,000 depending on the location of the Center. The Regional Center will then do the investing on behalf of the investors.

By investing through the Regional Centers, investors have a chance of living and working anywhere in the United States without worrying about their initial investments which will be taken care of by the Regional Center. Alternatively, the investors have an option of taking up managerial positions in the businesses created by the Regional Center program.

E2 Investor Visa

The E2 investor visa is made available to applicants who are looking to invest in a business in the USA. The business which the foreigner intends to invest in, must be operational, create jobs and it must be managed and run by the investor.

Unlike the EB5 investor visa which requires foreigners to invest at least $500,000, the E2 visa doesn’t have limits per se on the amount of funds which one can invest but for the investment to be considered, it needs to be worth at least $200,000.

The major difference between the EB5 investor visa and the E2 visa is the fact that the latter requires more active management by the investor. As we already mentioned, EB5 investors don’t have to be actively involved in the running of the business in which they invest-they can delegate those duties or invest through a Regional Center. For E2 visas though, the individuals who invest in the business, need to be at the helm and oversee the running and management of the business ventures.

It is also worth noting that the E2 visa is not available to citizens from China, India and a couple of other countries. For individuals of these two nations to gain access to the U.S through the E2 visa, they need to first acquire citizenship of a different country like Grenada and then proceed to make the application as a Grenada citizen.

In exchange for investing in the U.S, E2 investors get permanent family residency, chance to apply for citizenship after 5 years of maintaining their status.

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