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Employment Law

Our firm provides advice and training to entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and companies of all industries in all areas relevant to human resources.

Employee Relations Assistance

Trusted Counsel from an Houston Employment Lawyer

The relationship between an employer and employee is governed by a large amount legislation and requirements on the part of both parties. When you need assistance for your business with often-difficult laws surrounding employment, our skilled legal team may be able to help you.

At the Toppins Law Firm, P.C. our experienced Houston employment attorneys have assisted numerous businesses throughout the Austin area with needs specific to an employer-employee relationship. Our team has the knowledge to be able to aid you with a simple matters like educating your management staff on Texas’ management laws, or an extremely complex matter such as negotiating a labor agreement with a workers’ union.

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We can provide you with legal advice on complex matters including:

  • Working with unions
  • Layoffs and unemployment
  • Employment litigation
  • Labor-management relations
  • Management training
  • Discrimination suits
  • Benefits litigation
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wage litigation

Why the Toppins Law Firm, P.C.?

Attorney Wilka V. Toppins brings over 26 years of experience to her practice, including serving in the legal departments of major companies such as Macy’s, Exxon, and SBC Communications. She’s built her reputation on providing detailed and thorough counsel to client organizations all over the world and continues to set the standard for knowledgeable and effective work here in our Houston business law community.

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Wilka Toppins

Principal Attorney

Backed by 25 years of legal experience, our founder and principal attorney, Wilka Toppins, Esq., brings a wealth of practical business and legal experience to the firm’s clients. Ms. Toppins is a cum laude graduate of Tulane Law School , 1990 and has worked at Exxon, SBC Communications and Macy’s.

Ms.Toppins is fluent in English and Spanish.

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