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Employment Law

Our firm provides advice and training to entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and companies of all industries in all areas relevant to human resources.

Training & Compliance Programs for Businesses

Houston Employment Lawyers Help with Human Resource Courses & Seminars

As a business owner, one of the most important things you can do as you grow your company is to ensure that your employees are properly and thoroughly trained. Our experienced Houston employment law attorneys at Toppins Law Firm, P.C. offer training and compliance programs for businesses across the area. These programs include human resources courses and seminars to train your company’s HR personnel in a variety of employment law areas.

We offer human resources courses and seminars for businesses and corporations across Houston that discuss how to:

  • Comply with wage and labor laws
  • Avoid discrimination and harassment issues
  • Draft, review, and amend employee manuals
  • Adhere to safety regulations
  • Properly classify employees
  • Evaluate employee performance and terminate employees lawfully
  • Handle EEOC, FLSA and other accusations and claims filed against your company

By participating in training and compliance programs, your company will be able to minimize future legal risks and other employment law related conflicts. If issues do occur, our firm can equip you to manage the conflict resolution process legally. Our Houston business law attorneys work directly with each client in order to tailor a training and compliance program for your business’ specific needs.

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Are you interested in participating in a human resources course or seminar with your colleagues or employees? We offer short and long-term solutions for companies in the Houston area. At Toppins Law Firm, P.C., we take a great interest in our clients’ success and offer clear, direct, and easy to understand legal counsel and support through all types of employment law matters.

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Wilka Toppins

Principal Attorney

Backed by 25 years of legal experience, our founder and principal attorney, Wilka Toppins, Esq., brings a wealth of practical business and legal experience to the firm’s clients. Ms. Toppins is a cum laude graduate of Tulane Law School , 1990 and has worked at Exxon, SBC Communications and Macy’s.

Ms.Toppins is fluent in English and Spanish.

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