Hire a Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney in Houston Texas

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Hire a Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney in Houston Texas

Whether you are a large company or a medium sized company, a merger and acquisition can be legally dicey. In some cases, it may not end up being as profitable as you had thought. This is because the finer details of the agreement can be quite hard to interpret. The rule of any business M&A is that you should never go into it without a lawyer. We at Toppins Law Firm would like to offer you a few tips on how to pick the right lawyer for your M&A in Houston, Texas. 


Practical experience is quite important in any Merger and acquisition. In most cases, it takes more than a good college degree to close an M&A deal. Do not trust your merger with a newbie fresh out of college. In the real world, it usually takes more than just following the set guidelines to get it done. Besides that, the laws are always changing, and you need someone with experience on how to handle such issues.

Ability to control emotions

M&As are usually a very stressful affair. It is thus important that you have someone with you who can keep cool under pressure. If they are prone to emotions, they may put the whole deal in jeopardy. Use an attorney who is able to maintain their cool even when things become too tough and stressful. In some cases, the negotiations can drag on for months with some very high stakes. You want someone who can be there for you at all times without panicking or showing emotions.

Understanding of current market terms

The laws may not change, but there are various market terms, which are always arising. A good M&A lawyer is one who updates themselves with new terms and phrases in this sector. You do not want to go into negotiations with someone who needs basic words explained to them at every turn. During your initial consultation, you should be able to gauge how well they understand the various market terms.

A good understanding of the soft issues

These types of deals will impact the lives of families, employees, and many others. You will need to find an attorney who can also get a good deal for these soft issues such as benefits, pensions, and more. The last thing you want is to conclude a merger and have the company’s name dragged through the mad. Find a lawyer who can demonstrate that they also have a way of getting a good deal for the soft issues.

Who will lead the negotiation?

When you walk into a major law firm, the top partners at the firm will pick you. This can leave you thoroughly impressed and cause you to sign paperwork. However, you need to know who exactly will be handling your case during the negotiation. The top partner may decide your case is not important enough. As a result, they end up assigning a junior partner with great skills. However, brilliance is not a substitute for experience. Always ensure that you are talking face to face with the person who will handle your deal.

Do they have international experience?

This is especially important if the deal involves a foreign country. In most cases, it is preferable to work with an attorney who has specific experience in a certain jurisdiction. The laws in the US and abroad are quite different. If you get a lawyer with transnational experience, the deal can fall apart quite painfully. Besides that, you may end up getting a raw deal.

Industry experience

Having M&A experience is okay, but you need to ensure the attorney has experience in your industry. This means that if your deal is in the oil and gas sector, you should find a lawyer who has worked in that sector. There are specific laws that apply to given sectors, which a lawyer needs to have good experience in. It will ensure that you are covered in all areas after the deal is done.

Their reputation

Beyond the sales pitch by the attorney, you need to go into their reputation. Ask others who have dealt with them about the experience. Besides that, you can ask them to show you other mergers in which they have participated. You can then conduct research on those mergers and find out how smoothly they went.

Check the team

One lawyer cannot complete a merger and acquisition deal. He or she should have a good team to help. If you find that the team appears not highly qualified, you should take your business elsewhere. Such a team will only make things more complex. It will lead to unnecessary delays, and you may not end up with a good deal.

In general, an M&A is very delicate. However, if you follow the tips described above, it should help to make it less stressful. A merger is only as good as the attorney you have representing your interests.