Hire an EB-3 Immigration Attorney in Houston Texas

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Hire an EB-3 Immigration Attorney in Houston Texas

There are various sound reasons why one should hire a licensed Texas EB-3 immigration lawyer to handle their case. You will need an experienced immigration lawyer to help you navigate into the United States legally. If the situation gets trickier, then there is an even greater reason to hire a licensed Texas EB-3 immigration lawyer. However, it may not be easy to get a good attorney especially in a country you are new. This becomes a problem for many to secure and have their immigration cases turn into a success. So how do you hire a licensed EB-3 immigration lawyer?


Not all lawyers will handle immigration cases perfectly. None the less, your friends, family or colleagues could have recently passed through this process, and luckily the end result was positive. You can get a skilled and experienced attorney through a recommendation from people who have been through a similar immigration application procedure. You might get lucky if the attorney can solve all sorts of cases whether complex or simple since cases tend to differ from one applicant to another. Also, try and find out more about the lawyer’s personality. You wouldn’t want a demeaning attorney representing you since the success rate of your case will be daunting. Find an attorney you can trust and work with effectively.

Research On The Immigration Lawyer

Reviews and articles about the EB-3 lawyer will give you a slight reflection of his or her work. Some have reviews on the number of applicants the attorney has helped; others will commend him or her for a job well done while articles will give you more information on the lawyer’s expertise and more about his or her works. However, you cannot depend only on the reviews and articles as some may be out for marketing strategies.

Interview A List Of Texas EB-3 Immigration Lawyers And Pick The Most Impressive

You could make a short list of the best Texas EB-3 immigration lawyers available and inquire about their experiences. Enquire a list of successful cases in which each of them has won and let them provide this with firm evidence. This helps to evaluate the success rate you have with every lawyer you have on the list. Also, find out if they have worked on cases similar to yours. Immigration law is generally complicated and requires an expert with sound experience and expertise. Hence, you will want an attorney who is experienced with your specific type of case. During the interview, you will be in a position to identify with the lawyer and determine if he or she understands your needs. The lawyer you decide to settle for should have effective communication skills to help you understand the stages of the process and also the progress of the case. Besides, you might want to compare the fee schedules each lawyer offers. You don’t want to strain your pocket too much.

Verify Credentials

This is a step many people tend to skip out of their procedures. Find out if the EB-3 immigration attorney you picked is verified. Many unscrupulous lawyers will take advantage of the unknowing applicant due to their naiveness and desperation. Don’t fall victim. Contact Toppins Law firm to have a licensed attorney take your case.

Why should you hire an EB-3 immigration attorney?

A good EB-3 immigration attorney does not only ensure that you successfully settle in the country but also can help you find employment to help you sustain yourself. All the documents required to secure you a legal position in the country can be strenuous to find and correctly file them. The attorney off lifts this burden and handles all the documents necessary in the EB-3 visa application.

Moreover, many application forms get rejected each year due to common errors. Hiring a skilled EB-3 immigration attorney helps you through the legal hurdles. An experienced attorney knows all sides of the law and the dos and don’ts to a successful application. He or she will, therefore, raise the success rate of your application going through.

Since you are new to American laws, it would be a good idea to have an expert take your hand around the corners of justice and law before draining all your efforts to the sink. According to immigration officers, there is no limit to the number of applications one can apply but with each application failure, comes difficulty in getting accepted into the country. Only a competent lawyer will help you maneuver and find success in the applications. 

Your success in obtaining the EB-3 visa may not entirely depend on the attorney, as many factors may come in, but an attorney smoothens the journey. You may not necessarily be in a position to follow all procedures required by the Texas states law since you are not familiar with the laws. The process will be made easy by having a skilled and experienced EB-3 lawyer.