Hire an EB-5 Immigration Attorney in Houston Texas

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Hire an EB-5 Immigration Attorney in Houston Texas

Finding a highly qualified EB-5 immigration lawyer is a compelling journey towards securing an immigration journey for you and your family. However, the journey may not seem as easy as it sounds. You need an experienced lawyer to take you through the EB-5 work smoothly in order to get the approval. It is vital for you to pick an attorney that knows how to navigate through the waters of EB-5 applications, especially during the high political climates. So how do you hire your EB-5 attorney?

Enquire For The Attorney’s I-526 And I-829 Rates

If the attorney presents this information honestly and accurately, it proves very valuable. It gives an insight into an end result you are hoping to achieve. The records of successful approvals should be a significant factor used in determining which firm and lawyer you are going to side with. Normally, even in businesses, we are often fond of employing people with impressive track records as you could already imagine the results after that. If the EB-5 immigration lawyer you are talking to, is not in a position to offer their approval rates, you might as well move to the next option. The approval rates should also complement the experience of the attorney giving you confidence on your way forward.

What Method Does The Attorney Use To Prove The Source Of Funds?

An applicant’s source of investment funds is one of the primary issues to be put on the table by the EB-5 applicant. Many people fail at this point and eventually get disapproved. Sourcing funds require the wide knowledge of the United States laws which makes an attorney the best person to guide you through the process. If you decide to use a third party service provider from your country, make a point of enquiring about the success rates.

Enquire About The Experience He Or She Has Had With Applicants From Your Country

Every EB-5 application is different from the other, and so is every applicant. It means that every application is handled and reviewed differently from the rest. However, the processes may be looped based on the home country of the applicants. If you find a lawyer who is better acquainted with applicants from your country going through the same process, then he or she is in a better position to understand you. Also, if he or she has a higher success rate of these applications, then just maybe you found yourself a gem. If the lawyer has not worked with an applicant from your country, you could perhaps move to the next option.


Your friends and family have probably been through the process before and successfully made through. You could ask for a referral for the attorney who helped them through the application. Going forward with a referral also builds your confidence. The results may not be a hundred percent guaranteed of a win, but you will have a higher chance of pulling through. 

Why Should Hire An EB-5 Attorney?

The whole application process may prove futile if done individually due to the complex legal language used. Many applications are closed annually but if your application is denied it doesn’t mean that you cannot reapply.

The lawyer knows how to navigate the gates as he or she has done this before severally. The lawyer knows how to prepare and file the EB-5 application successfully. Mostly, the lawyer will highlight clearly how the investor obtained the investment funds and explain how the funds will be used to create jobs for ten people. He or she skillfully convince why the investor should qualify to own a green card. The applications may differ from state to state hence you will require a lawyer that identifies well with Texas state laws in order to increase the chances of a successful application.

While no attorney can guarantee an outright successful result of the application, a skilled and experienced lawyer will at least offer you a significant percent of assurance that the application was strong and convincing, rather than if it was done regularly. It also gives you a piece of mind as you focus on other issues present in your life.

The process may be lengthy and time-consuming, which is another reason to outsource the task to an attorney. You may not be in a position to retrieve accurate information from a regional centre same as an attorney does. The lawyer also skillfully records accurate information on how the investment creates job opportunities from a professional point of view. All these tasks require time, effort, and expertise. While this may turn into a hefty task for you, hire a competent EB-5 immigration attorney to help you derive the best from the applications.

Your attorney should be skilled and experienced in order to increase the chances of the success rate in the application. Contact us at Toppins Law Firm today for help with your EB-5 immigration process.