10 Things You Need to Know About N-400 Application For Naturalization

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If you have been a permanent resident in the US for some time, you may want to apply for Citizenship. The first step is to acquire form N-400 from the USCIS. It is the first step for any permanent resident who wishes to obtain US citizenship. With this crucial first step, you will be no doubt nervous about getting everything right. That is why we at Toppins Law Firm have prepared the following essential tips to help you with the application process.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is especially important when you are filling out this form or any other government form. If you lie on N-400 form, not only can your request be denied but your permanent residency may be canceled as well. If you are not sure of what to say, avoid guessing. Take as much time as you need to ensure that you research what answers you should give. In some cases, you may even need to visit an immigration attorney to ensure that you get it right.

  1. Read the Fine Print

Do not be in a rush to fill out anything. The USCIS provides some instructions in fine print. They expect you to comply with every one of them. These guidelines include what documents you need and what fees you need to pay. Ensure that each detail is filled out accurately and that all documents are attached in the right manner.

  1. You Can Use this Form to Change Your Name

Sometimes, you may wish to change your name, as you become a US citizen. Whatever your reason may be, this is the perfect opportunity to do it. The oath ceremony often takes place in a court,so it is possible for you to change the name at that time. Ensure you get the spelling of your new name correct.

  1. Make Your Physical Condition Clear

If you are sick, there is a section that allows you to state this is the case. In such an instance, the USCIS will agree to visit your home for the ceremony. However, if you do not indicate this, it may cause you to be denied citizenship for failing to show up for the ceremony.

  1. Provide Information About Time Outside the Us

When you are seeking US citizenship, you need to provide information about time spent outside the country. If you are not sure, give as much detail as possible. It is vital since time outside the US can be a reason for you to be denied citizenship. Since you are not sure, ensure that you mark all date as “approximate.”

  1. Ensure You indicate the number of times you have been married correctly

Your spouse plays a role in this figure. If he or she has been married in the past, it is essential that you indicate the number as “2.” It accounts for the number of times you and your spouse has been married before. Failing to do this could lead to some serious problems later.

  1. Gather all the supporting documents needed

After reading the N-400 instructions from the USCIS, your first step should be to gather all documents required. Take time to track down all of these documents. It is up to you to check the documents and ensure that they have no errors. If there are any errors, it is your responsibility to ensure that these mistakes are corrected.

  1. Have someone take a look

After filling out the form, do not be in a hurry to submit it. Have some family members look at it. If you have someone who has gone through the process in the past, look for him or her. He or she will be in a better position to help you identify any errors in the documents. If you spot any errors, it means there might be more errors. Go over the documentation again until you are sure everything is fine.

  1. Attach Extra papers when space is not enough

In some cases, the USCIS will provide you with documents with tiny spaces where you need to fill out information. However, these spaces are not always enough. You will need to attach papers containing all the required information. Attach your Alien registration number to these sheets of paper. It is also essential that you indicate at the top of each paper the question, which it answers. It is always better to be verbose with your responses than try to cut out some of the information. You may not be disqualified for too much information, but also little information will cost you.

  1. You Do not need to use a computer to fill out the forms

There is no requirement for you to use a computer to fill out the N-400 form. However, it is highly recommended. If it is not possible to use a computer, you must use a black pen to fill out the replies. Ensure that you use a legible handwriting if you decide to use a pen.