What Do Business Attorneys Do

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As if starting a business was not enough of a hustle already, you will need to hire a business attorney to safeguard your business. On paper, hiring a business attorney, sounds like the least important thing to any business or corporation, until tragedy strikes and the business attorney is the only straw left for the business owners to clutch at.

Simply because business attorneys’ services are not required on a day to day basis, does not mean that their services should be completely overlooked by businesses. A lot of the small businesses and even some established corporations wait until it is too late before they contract a business attorney and in such cases, the legal implications are too severe even for the attorney to save the sinking ship. If you care about your business, you shouldn’t make this mistake and you should hire or contract a business attorney today.

One of the most common excuses that businesses give for not hiring businesses attorneys on time, is lack of knowledge of what business attorneys do. Here at Toppins Law Firm, we receive numerous questions on the job description of a business attorney and when their services are required in the business sphere. To help businesses understand the role of business attorneys, here is a blog on what business attorneys do and when they should be called upon;

What Business Attorneys Do

Here are some of the most common roles of business attorneys;

Advise clients on how to structure their businesses

The structure of a business is very important. A business can either be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, LLC, a corporation or a non-profit company. The structure of any business will affect the business ownership’s exposure to tax obligations, personal liabilities and even setup fees charged by the relevant bodies.

With the help of a business attorney, the ownership can decide on the best structure that fits their business idea and the location of the business. The attorney gives guidance on the best structure and helps with creating and filing the documents required for the business structure the ownership opts for.

Help businesses solve employee issues

A lot of businesses are marred by employee issues. One of the main reasons why the employer-employee issues are so prevalent in most businesses, is because there is no legal expert to offer the advice required to iron out or prevent these issues from cropping up.

Business attorneys will advise employers on employment matters and help them understand employee contract clauses. This way, lawsuits will not arise along the way for discrimination or breaches of employee contract.

Help business to draft or negotiate contracts

Contracts are part and parcel of any business. As much as contracts are very common in business, they are very sensitive and potential business killers-if the drafters are not careful. There are some clauses and business terms which are used in contracts which might be used in the future to sue your company if a problem arises.

Attorneys understand the working of business contracts and will help you draft comprehensive contracts using the best possible business language. The attorneys can also identify problematic clauses in contracts and warn you upfront.

Help you deal with legal issues

Sometimes, your business can be sued by the local, state or even federal government for some reason. If you don’t have a good attorney by your side at such a time, chances of losing the legal battle and potentially going out of business, are very high.

With a good business attorney by your side though, you will get good legal counsel on the best course of action to take to deal with the legal issues affecting your business.

Help with purchasing a business or listing on for sale

In the event that you are looking to buy a business or list your current business for sale, you should always ensure that you have a good and experienced business attorney by your side. Purchasing any business is very complicated because of the various complex transactions which are part of the entire process.

A good business attorney has knowledge on business valuation, writing acquisitions, drafting good purchase agreements and has the ability to transfer permits and licenses. This therefore means that when buying or purchasing a business, the business attorney will help you get the best value out of the transaction and finalize the deal without much trouble.

It therefore goes without saying that every business needs a good experienced business attorney. The business can choose to contract the attorney or put him or her in retainer. When you require the services of the attorney, he or she will truly come through for your business and help you save a lot of money and avert crisis.

If you are in Houston and are looking for the best business attorney to hire for your business, look no further than Toppins Law Firm. We offer the best legal services and business law is our cup of tea. Give us a call today and we will gladly be of service to you.