When to Hire a Business Attorney for Employment Manuals

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What is a policy manual? What is contained in a company’s policy manual? What is the significance of a well-drafted company policy manual? Should a company hire a business attorney to help them with the drafting of a company policy manual? These are some of the most common questions which we are asked here at Toppins Law Firm by some of our clients looking to understand the precarious subject of company policy manuals.

With the help of one of our most experienced attorneys, we have put together this blog addressing policy manuals, their significance and why it is imperative to hire an attorney to help draft the company’s policy manual. So, what is a policy manual?

Policy manual

A policy manual, is a collection of documents which clearly outline a company’s rules of operation, policies and procedures. The clearly stipulated rules and policies help the staff and the management to effectively run the business. In America, the policies are communicated to the employees through a company handbook during the orientation period and in refresher courses.

The workplace policy manual acts as a guideline on the dos and don’ts in the workplace or in the company. Here are some of the reasons why company policy manuals are very important to any company;


Policy manuals are important in companies as they create a level playing ground for all the employees. With the same set of rules governing all the employees, there is some level of uniformity as the rules affect everybody. Without these policies, there would have been varying personal standards which would in turn yield in unending disputes within the workplace.

Advocates for best practices within the company

The other reason why the policy manuals are very important in companies, is that they advocate for best practices which are aimed at boosting the performance of the employees in the company. All the policies tend to ask the employees to act appropriately and in line with what is best for the company at large.


Safety is the other reason why the policy manuals are critical in companies. A lot of the policy manuals include legal and ethical safety of the company as well as the safety of the employees. By giving the employees certain guidelines on legal and ethical behavior, you will be indirectly warning them against engaging in activities which might land them and the company at large into trouble.

Now that we have seen the importance of company policy manuals, how are the policy manuals drafted? Is there any need for a company to hire a business attorney to help draft the company’s policy manual?

How policy manuals are drafted

Although most of the legal and ethical policies contained in companies are universal, there are some rules and policies which are tailored for specific companies. It is therefore up to every company to ensure that they come up with their own set of policies to govern the management and running of the company and this is no easy ask.

Drafting a good and all-inclusive company policy manual, requires the presence of an experienced business attorney. Here are reasons why companies should always hire business attorneys for policy manuals;

Attorneys will put together a detailed and concise policy manual

Attorneys are trained in all legal aspects of businesses and they therefore know of the areas which the policy manuals need to address. As such, they are capable of drafting very detailed and concise policy manuals for companies. With the guidance of the company’s management, they can tailor the manual to make it perfect for the specific company and its employees.

Attorneys will explain the ramifications of breaking the policies better to the employees

The other importance of hiring a business attorney to oversee the drafting and signing of a policy manual by employees is the fact that they will explain the ramifications of not following the rules to the employees. Once the employees understand the ramifications of breaking the rules in the manual, chances of them breaking the rules are very law and this is good for your business.

An attorney will help prevent litigation and lawsuits against your company

If hired to draft a company’s policy manual, an attorney will draft policies which will look to protect the company and its employees from litigation and lawsuits. The attorney will come up with policies and rules which will reduce the chances of your company or any employee of the company getting sued in the future.

So, you have every reason as a company to hire a business attorney to help you with the drafting, reviewing and giving recommendations on the best company policy manual for your company. Here at Toppins Law Firm, we understand the significance of a policy manual and are offering our professional legal services to you at a competitive rate to help you draft the best possible policy manual for your company. Give us a call today and hire us for the best legal services on policy manuals.