Why You Should Hire a Spanish Speaking Attorney in Houston, Texas

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Why You Should Hire a Spanish Speaking Attorney in Houston, Texas

One of the most important things that have to be upheld when pursuing legal action or dealing with the law is communication with your attorney. People employ the services of an attorney because they are conversant with the law and can lead them to pursue justice. The Spanish-speaking community has greatly grown in the United States and cannot be overlooked anymore. Therefore, in order for a Spanish speaker to get the most out of their attorney, they need to hire one who speaks Spanish too. Toppins Law Firm explains why.

1.    Effective communication

The most obvious reason for hiring a Spanish speaking attorney is to make communication much simple and efficient. This will eliminate the language barrier that limits their effectiveness in representing a Spanish speaking client. You will be able to explain to them better the condition you are in without worry that some of the information you provide that may be crucial to your case may be lost.

2.    Avoid Incurring Extra Costs for Hiring A Translator

When you can speak Spanish but the attorney you have hired does not understand the language, an option to help bridge the language disconnection is to hire a translator to help ease communication between you and your attorney. This can be very frustrating and heavy on you in the sense that you will have to incur extra costs to pay them and, also, they may not offer the best translation and may miss some of the information while translating. Hiring an attorney who understands and speaks Spanish will give you the guarantee that the attorney fully understands what you are saying and you won’t have to incur additional costs for hiring a translator.

3.    You Can Confide In the Attorney

Some of the issues you may want to address with the attorney may be very confidential. Given that there is a confidentiality agreement, you can always be sure that your attorney will not disclose information you have told them to other parties. But when a translator comes into the picture, then there can be trust issues as you may not freely share information for fear that the translator may know more than they should and may end up spreading the information to others. Hiring a Spanish-speaking attorney, basically, allows you to confide in them and share information without fear.

4.    Get Better Services

When you hire a Spanish speaking lawyer, you get a guarantee that they will offer you the best services. This is possible through the effective communication and the fact that they can review the case facts in Spanish and still offer you representation in a court of law that speaks English. Being able to communicate effectively with the attorney, also, means that the attorney’s team will be fully furnished with all the information they may need to handle your case.

5.    Get to Know How Your Case Is Progressing

Another major advantage of having an attorney who speaks Spanish is that it allows you to keep track of the progress of your case. If you do not understand English clearly, you may not be able to know what exactly is going on in your case. However, having an attorney will give you the chance to know how your case is progressing since you can freely communicate with your attorney in a language that you are both comfortable in.

6.    You Can Complete Legal Forms in A Language You Understand Best – Spanish

In case of a legal issue, at some point, you will be required to fill some documents or provide some information in writing. Answering the questions asked in another language when the language you know well is Spanish can be pretty difficult. Having an attorney who can speak Spanish comfortably gives you the opportunity to fill any necessary forms in Spanish as they can translate the information on your behalf.

7.    An Attorney Can Interview Spanish-Speaking Witnesses

Another major advantage of having an attorney who can fluently speak Spanish is that they can interview witnesses who may be key to your case. The duties of an attorney involve getting all the facts and information that may be crucial to your case. One of the ways of obtaining information is by interviewing witnesses. A Spanish speaking attorney can interview witnesses who speak Spanish with ease and exhaust all possible sources of information crucial for your case.

8.    The Attorney Can Help Guide You on What to Say in Court

At some point, one may be required to speak in court. With a Spanish speaking attorney, they can help guide you on what to say in a court of law. A courtroom can be quite intimidating to a person, especially if they are from a different culture. The help of an attorney in knowing what to say and when to say can come in handy in a court.

The Spanish community is a large and significant part of the American population. However, most attorneys only speak English hence ineffective when representing Spanish speakers. Getting a Spanish speaking attorney goes a long way in ensuring the case is handled effectively.